Monday, March 18, 2013

Supper heroes to the rescue!!! 
These were made for my grandsons. They had so much fun and so did I.

                                           I made our Bryce a sling that went over his shoulder. it has a zipper to hold his treasures for when we go on hikes and elastic sewn down the middle in the front to hold his cars and a water bottle, and a place for his flashlight. Every little boy loves his pockets for treasures.
(You have to love the supper hero Face)!!!


                                The other supper heroes have on their force shield vest that has a zipper pocket and elastic to hold what every a supper hero might need close at had. It also has a light on the chest and an arm band with a light to light the way in the dark, don't forget the cape to leap off of rocks.
( These supper heroes stand for truth and justices and lots of little boy fun!!!.)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

 Baby blanket made with some very soft minky and cute pink and brown dots.  Just add our sweet baby granddaughter and heaven is in your arms.

I took this picture of our son and grandson and just loved how it came out showing their big blue eyes.
I just used my little canon and I think it turned out nice. Such handsome boys.

This was my blessing dress that my Mother had made for me they we had our daughter blessed in it and now our daughter had our sweet baby granddaughter blessed in it. 
I LOVE all the hand work on this little dress. And nothing is better than a sweet baby sleeping in your arms. 

Do you have pictures of a outfit you had as a child, It would be fun if you would share. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

This is the template for making the flower garden
Cake-Up display.
Take the template and enlarge the out side circle to 3”’, then take your exactor-knife and make slits on the middle 4 rectangles. Then place on the top of your Cake-up,  top with your cupcake. This will leave a cute boarder on the out side of you cupcake.
I would love to have you share your ideas.

Cake-up display for the CHA show.
(Flower garden)

                                                       This is so simple and fun to make.
The cute paper is from ADornit and I cut out 3in" circles and placed them on the Cake-Up, they place the cupcake ring on top. I place these in a clear acrylic base.

                                            This one was made for a princess, tutu and all.
                  Look at this cute ADornit paper. One of the fun things about the Cake-Ups is you can loop the tulle and ribbon in the open slots. easy to make a Tutus.  Then I placed that cute paper under an acrylic base.
You can find Cake-Ups at
and the cute paper at