Monday, March 18, 2013

Supper heroes to the rescue!!! 
These were made for my grandsons. They had so much fun and so did I.

                                           I made our Bryce a sling that went over his shoulder. it has a zipper to hold his treasures for when we go on hikes and elastic sewn down the middle in the front to hold his cars and a water bottle, and a place for his flashlight. Every little boy loves his pockets for treasures.
(You have to love the supper hero Face)!!!


                                The other supper heroes have on their force shield vest that has a zipper pocket and elastic to hold what every a supper hero might need close at had. It also has a light on the chest and an arm band with a light to light the way in the dark, don't forget the cape to leap off of rocks.
( These supper heroes stand for truth and justices and lots of little boy fun!!!.)